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    Table of Contents |

    Spring 2020 - Contents

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    Editors' Letter |

    A Letter From The Editors

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    World of Playboy |

    The Dazzling Dozen

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    Departments |

    The Future Is Dorian Electra Allie Volpe

    In an industry that favors those who play by the rules, this pop shape-shifter proves the power of defiant individuality

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    Comics |

    The Lure Of A Locked Door Lewis Trondheim

    A pastoral adventure of Lapinot and Richard

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    Departments |

    What's In A Name? Michelle Lhooq

    The cannabis world ponders whether legalization and scientific advances will put an end to colorfully name strains (looking at you, Sour Diesel0

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    Departments |

    Left For Dead Ryan Gajewski

    Amid right-wing criticism- and a Trump tweet- Universal shelved its film The Hunt. Now the director breaks his silence on why everything you know about the movie is wrong.

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    Man in his Domain |

    Compton Cowboys Anita Little

    Where have all the cowboys gone? South Los Angeles, it turns out, A Compton-based nonprofit reframes a whitewashed way of life.

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    Departments |

    Words Matter Nadine Strossen

    An inveterate civil-rights activist and former ACLU president argues that even with the evolving dangers of social media, unrestrained free speech remains the key to democracy

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    Departments |

    Average Acceptance Now Quinta Brunson

    Notes of a web-slaying comedian and Black Lady Sketch Show cast member who's fed up with the insane demands of capitalism, showbiz and social media

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    Playboy Advisor |

    Playboy Advisor Ian Kerner

    Ian Kerner brings his expertise as a Ph.D., LMFT, psychotherapist and author of the best-selling She Comes First to tackle a range of sexual dilemmas, from STI fears to sexting etiquette. First up: advice on an underreported problem plaguing the sex lives of almost one in three men

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    Interview |

    Playboy Interview: Jameela Jamil Ashley C. Ford

    A candid conversation with the activist, Good Place star and social-media firebrand on figuring out when to take up space and when to stand aside

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    Fiction |

    Crossing Tracks Ariel Dorfman

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    Feature |

    Body & Soul Osman Can Yerebakan

    With a full slate of 2020 projects, multimedia artist Nick Cave reaffirms his dedication to fostering community, speaking truth to power and celebrating our wondrous, beautiful bodies

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    Playmate |

    Passion In Paradise Ana Dias

    Singer-songwriter, legal eagle, motivational speaker and April Playmate Marsha Elle is making history in these pages and far beyond. Join her as she lights up Tulum and tells her astonishing story

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    Feature |

    A Fresh Bit Of Peaches Mary Katharine Tramontana

    The multimedia artist and pop provacateur continues to fight for erotic liberation- this time with the help of a dexterous sex toy

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    Feature |

    The True Threat Donovan Farley

    8chan founder and former "king of the trolls" Fredrick Brennan is fighting a multifront war over how- and whether- to counter hate speech; here, a report from the front lines

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    Pictorial |

    Playmates Of The Year Ali Mitton

    It's a dilemma that has plagued us since 1960, when the first Playmate of the Year was crowned: How on earth do we choose a single winner out of 12 extraordinary women whose backgrounds, passions and talents are as far-reaching as humanity itself? That's why, having gathered them early this year for a sumptuous shoot in Holmby Hills, California, we hereby ordain all our 2019 Playmates equally PMOY. On the following pages you'll see their radiant selves against a backdrop of subtle subterfuge and suspense. What's in Hilda's briefcase? Will Miki's key open it? We're not telling- yet.

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    20Q |

    Patrick Stewart Stacey Wilson Hunt

    With Picard, the Star Trek universe has rediscovered one of its brightest stars. The actor and activist (and knight) talks Hollywood inclusivity, cannabis reform, pit bull rescue and whether he'll ever say "Engage!" off camera

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    Profile |

    Senator Gardner, Radical Centrist Matt Laslo

    Colorado's Republican statesman and unexpected cannabis-industry darling is on the run- from Trump's legacy and, often, how own

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    Playmate |

    Ticket To Ride Graham Dunn

    May Playmate Savanna Smith is equal parts model and grease monkey- and living proof that such distinctions are irrelevant. Join her as she demonstrates the richness of human endeavor and a passion for using her platform

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    Feature |

    Back To Kali Eve Barlow

    What happens when an artist tosses the pop-star rule book in favor of fierce authenticity? Kali Uchis is ready to find out

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    Comics |

    Sfsx: The Dirty Mind Guide 2 Talking Dirty Tina Horn & Alejandra Gutierrez

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    Feature |

    A Drink With Daveed Diggs Ira Madison Iii

    The Hamilton breakout and Snowpiercer star peers into the future- of manhood, humanity and much in between

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    Feature |

    Silenced By Hollywood Amanda Fortini

    Despite public perception that women's voices are now being heard in the film and TV industries, the price of speaking out can still be steep

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    Playmate |

    The Empath Sasha Samsonova

    There are billions of people on this Earth but only one Alicia Loraina Olivas- and our June Playmate is on a mission to celebrate the unique beauty of every last one of us

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    Fiction |

    Your First Pet And The Street You Grew Up On Kiley Reid

    She's not quite woman's best friend

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    The Playboy Symposium |

    Who Counts? Alicia Garza

    Our Symposium guest editor is a Black Lives Matter co-founder and voting-rights activist; her insights into the myth of American power could not be more urgent

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    The Playboy Symposium |

    As Goes The South Latosha Brown

    If you think the South is a bastion of retrograde conservatism, a co-founder of Black Voters Matter has news for you

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    The Playboy Symposium |

    Before The Ballot Rashad Robinson

    The Color of Change president explains how voters can tip the scales toward real criminal justice

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    The Playboy Symposium |

    Two Evils Angela Peoples

    When is "party solidarity" worse than voting your conscience- especially for marginalized Americans? A grassroots political strategist weighs in

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    The Playboy Symposium |

    Silencing The Status Quo Marisa Franco

    When American outsiders organize, their combined voices can change elections- and the co-founder of Mijente has proof

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    Feature |

    Don't Fuck With Betty Tompkins Alison M. Gingeras

    From anti-porn feminists to the French government to Instagram, Tompkins has been fighting censorship- and paving the way to free sexual expression- for nearly 50 years

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    Feature |

    Playboy's Party Jokes Josh Gondelman

    This edition curated by writer, producer, stand-up comedian and pug enthusiast Josh Gondelman

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    Heritage |

    Naked Defiance Sarah Boxer

    An artwork created from PLAYBOY's pages challenges the idea that nudes exist merely for others' pleasure

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    Heritage |

    Meet Naughty Granny's Dad Eileen Guo

    Cartoonist Buck Brown took the taboo and made it funny

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    Heritage |

    Playboy's Rearview

    Rabbit-hop through time as we recall important anti-censorship moments from the magazine’s first four decades, from battling the top postman to interviewing an outlaw—plus one regrettable hiccup

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    Heritage |

    Louann Fernald

    The environmentalist and Twitter enthusiast weighs in on activism, her career as an attorney and how becoming the June 1979 Playmate opened up her world

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    Heritage |

    Classic Cartoons

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    Heritage |

    On The Record

    From wise to wacky, here are eight memorable Playboy Interview comments. Can you match the quote with the person who said it?

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    Heritage |

    Joshua Tree National Park, January 1974

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    Marsha Elle Playmate of the Month

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    Savannah Smith Playmate of the Month

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    Alicia Loraina Olivas Playmate of the Month

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