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    Editors' Letter |

    A Letter From The Editors

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    Departments |

    Behind The Lens

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    Sex |

    Fandomination By Lina Abascal, Photography By Charlotte Rutherford

    Sign up. Log in. Cash out. Repeat. Why so many people are buying into free porn’s biggest competitors

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    Film |

    Between The Lenses By David Dennis Jr.

    How does it feel to bring a racist to life? Seven actors share the challenges and responsibilities of embodying hatred

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    Departments |

    In Drugs We Trust By Jag Davies

    What would happen if the United States decriminalized drug possession? A veteran drug-policy expert offers some trippy outcomes

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    Man in his Domain |

    Orville Peck By Marissa R. Moss, Photography By Alysse Gafkjen

    The man behind the mask has a voice of gold and nothing to hide. What will it take for a hidebound genre to embrace the new cowboy in town?

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    Culture |

    The Good Witch Of The Northwest By Eric Spitznagel

    With the release of a scorching new book and the return of her hit show, writer Lindy West finds herself at a crossroads—what happens when you don’t have to be shrill anymore?

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    Playboy Advisor |

    Playboy Advisor

    Shan Boodram, clinical sexologist, YouTube star and author of The Game of Desire, taps her followers and offers unflaggingly positive advice to a woman who can’t stop thinking about sex, a guy who can’t get women to like him and others whose dilemmas may just be your own

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    Interview |

    Christiane Amanpour By Jill Filipovic

    A candid conversation with the unbreakable newswoman on everything from immigration to #MeToo, the power of the press to the dawn of her “sexy 60s”

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    Travel |

    Uzupis Utopia By Daisy Alioto

    What’s the true story behind a make-believe republic in Eastern Europe that captures the imagination of everyone who visits? Daisy Alioto searches for meaning in a booming micronation

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    Feature |

    Eric Andre For President By James Rickman

    Introducing the Cool Party: No Policies, Just Attitude

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    Feature |

    Antifa In Focus By Donovan Farley

    A rare look inside America’s antifascist movement—the people, the methods and the struggle to find a clear voice in a deafening world

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    20Q |

    Diane Guerrero By Samanta Helou Hernandez, Photography By Kelia Anne

    What makes a superhero? A voice, a cause and a will to change the world. The actress-activist, who headlines the HBO Max premiere of DC’s Doom Patrol, has all three and isn’t backing down

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    Playmate |

    New Year's Resolution Photography By Heather Hazzan

    January Playmate Riley Ticotin has acted (with J.Lo), danced (with castanets) and earned a black belt in karate (watch out for the nunchucks). But her greatest strengths are far more profound—and inspiring

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    Fiction |

    Francophile Fiction By Claire Lombardo


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    Feature |

    The Art Of Attention By Henri Neuendorf

    From injecting a sharecropper into a college kickoff to turning the Nike swoosh on its head, Hank Willis Thomas uses staples of America’s ethos to comment on its inequities

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    Feature |

    Force Of Nature By Jhoni Jackson, Photography By Lou Escobar

    With a new album forthcoming, hip-hop powerhouse Princess Nokia explains why living in multiple dimensions is paramount to her existence on Earth

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    Feature |

    Portraits For The People Interview By Jerry Saltz, Art By Jr

    An eminent critic and a boundary-breaking artist convene for a rare tête-à-tête—and demonstrate that sometimes the most powerful insiders enter from the outside

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    Playmate |

    Blockbuster Photography By Adrienne Raquel

    Join February Playmate—and Army veteran and future politician—Chasity Samone for a night of cinematic splendor

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    Profile |

    A Very Milennial Scandal By Anita Little

    Sex, nudes and social media took down the woman who represented a moderate future for Democrats. Now she’s ready to stand up again, freer than ever

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    Feature |

    The Other Plan B By Shira Tarrant

    On the need to shift the abortion rights debate from “My body, my choice!” to one that recognizes men as equal beneficiaries

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    Feature |

    Seizure City By J. Brian Charles

    The city of Los Angeles is cleaning house before the 2028 Olympics. Who’s cashing in, and who’s being swept under the rug? J. Brian Charles investigates L.A.’s latest transformation

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    Style |

    Sterling For All By Anita Little, Photography By Aaron Feaver

    The trajectory of Sterling K. Brown has us on the edge of our seat, which is right where he wants us

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    Playmate |

    Marigold Rush Photography By Ali Mitton

    The journey from Laos to the United States is not so far with March Playmate and lifelong explorer Anita Pathammavong as your guide

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    Feature |

    Playboy's Party Jokes By Demi Adejuyigbe


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    The Playboy Symposium |

    On Sex, Cinema And The Female Gaze By Kate Hagen

    Is Hollywood keeping up with the changing mores of contemporary sexuality? In a time of simultaneous sex positivity and panic, we wanted to investigate how moviemakers are handling our country’s sexual reawakening—especially when it comes to female sexuality on the big screen. So we tapped Franklin Leonard—founder of the Black List, Hollywood’s heralded community of screenwriters and script buyers—for some help. What follows is a titillating survey of sex, cinema and the female gaze by the Black List’s director of community, Kate Hagen. Accompanying Hagen’s words: three never-before-published illustrations by artists exploring the act of sex, hand-selected by digital gallerist Love Watts.

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    Pictorial |

    Once A Playmate, Always A Playmate By Jamilah Lemieux, Photography By Nadia Lee Cohen

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    Heritage |

    Diamond Days

    To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic Playboy Bunny, we asked more than a dozen Bunnies—and one Rabbit—to take a hop with us down memory lane

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    Heritage |

    Depth Of Field By Cat Auer

    We train our lens on the magazine’s founding photo editor for some long overdue exposure

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    Heritage |

    Playboy's Rearview

    Over 66 years and 761 issues, we’ve covered plenty of ground. From marijuana policy to Mideast mediation to feminist porn, here are a handful of contributions worth a second look

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    Heritage |

    Anne Marie Fox

    Our February 1982 Playmate on conquering both sides of the lens

  • Centerfold |

    Riley Ticotin Playmate of the Month

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    Chasity Samone Playmate of the Month

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    Anita Pathammavong Playmate of the Month

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