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    Let's Play |

    Emilia Ortiz Isabelia Herrera

    What happens when a witch gets Wi-Fi? Meet the woman who uses sacred spirituality to enchant our daily lives (and maybe even save our mental health)

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    Departments |

    Wits And Giggles Anthony Breznican

    With Joker bringing an iconic grin back to theaters, we consider why the diabolical hedonist continues to captivate us- even if we never figure him out

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    Departments |

    Man In His Domain: Keith Hufnagel Yasi Salek

    Nearly two decades after launching Huf from a modest storefront in San Francisco, the accidental tastemaker is ushering his empire into a new era of skating and style

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    Departments |

    Norton's Noir Nouveau Stephen Rebello

    With Motherless Brooklyn, Edward Norton has created a movie as intelligent, complex and politically engaged as the man himself

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    Departments |

    My Pleasure Miel Breduow

    Before I learned the mysteries of self-pleasure, I had to accept that I deserved to feel good

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    Playboy Advisor |

    Playboy Advisor Dr. Chris Donaghue

    Dr. Chris Donaghue- certified sex therapist, director of clinical education for the Sexual Health Alliance and host of Loveline- takes on the role of Playboy Advisor and weighs in on readers' questions about oral sex, orgasm-less sex, amateur sex, sweaty sex, forbidden sex, interracial sex and more

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    Travel |

    On Thin Ice Ciara O'rourke

    A social-media fueled tourism boom saved Iceland from economic ruin. A decade later, is it leading the country to environmental collapse?

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    Race |

    The Pleasure Of Not Being Respectable Jelani Cobb

    On the black experience of joy and indulgence and not giving a fuck

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    Playmate |

    Top Down

    Between nun school and New York City, Brazilian-born and October Playmate Hilda Dias Pimentel has made the world her home- and good karma her crusade

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    Pictorial |

    School Of Pop, Starring King Princess Douglas Greenwood

    The breakout artist is leading a charge to push pop music beyond its PG-13 limits. Can she and other up-and-comers help the genre graduate to an era of sexually liberated songs?

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    Playmate |

    Better Nature

    November Playmate Gillian Chan deftly balances working the camera with working to change the way we think about mental health

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    Pictorial |

    Wild In Love: Kylie Jenner By Travis Scott Travis Scott

    She knows how to capture the gaze of hundreds of millions, but only a select few- those she allows to get close- know her from a different perspective. A rare, intimate glimpse into the life of the 22-year-old mogul, as directed and interviewed by her partner

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    Playmate |

    Desert Solitaire

    For December Playmate Jordy Murray, a New Jersey native who's bringing new life to the arid West, liberation is life, vulnerability is strength and pleasure is never guilty

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    Pictorial |

    Vice Land

    Pride. gluttony. Lust. Envy. greed. Wrath. Sloth. Seen in a different light—in this case a black light illuminating a world teeming with Day­glo hues and sumptuous skin—these capacious terms could just as easily be labeled the Seven Lively Sins. Photographer Jamie Nelson partnered with Playmates Megan Samperi (February 2018) and Milan Dixon (october 2017) to present a new vision of the capital vices—one that’s a little more ambiguous than the nightmarish canvases of antiquity. you might even find a little joy glowing through all the wickedness. and if you don’t see traces of yourself in any of these pages, be our guest and cast the first stone.

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    Hilda Dias Pimentel Playmate of the Month

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    Gillian Chan Playmate of the Month

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    Jordy Murray Playmate of the Month

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