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    World of Playboy |

    World Of Playboy

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    Departments |

    Let's Play: Eileen Kelly Anita Little

    The Insta-savvy sex educator offers a fresh take on the birds and the bees

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    Interview |

    Seth Abramson Virginia Heffernan

    The professor, poet and Trump-Russia collusion whisperer sits down with Virginia Heffernan

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    Playmate |

    Playmate Of The Year Jordan Emanuel

    In less than a year, she went from Club Bunny to December Playmate to 2019 PMOY. The story of her path to Playboy royalty— told here in her own words—is as breathtaking as her beauty

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    20Q |

    David Harbour Michael Tedder

    The Stranger Things breakout goes deep on mental illness, addiction, death threats and other stops on the road To Hellboy— his first (and certainly not last) stint as a mainstream leading man

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    Profile |

    Chasing The Last Laugh Stephen Rodrick

    One year after earning the disdain of Republicans, journalists and a few liberal women, Michelle Wolf is ready to do it again—and maybe help the country too

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    Fiction |

    The Kiss Robert Coover

    Something to build a dream on, indeed—a salute to lovers and lust by Robert Coover

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    Fo Porter Playmate of the Month

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    Abigail O'Neill Playmate of the Month

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    Yoli Lara Playmate of the Month

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