Winter 2019

Table of Contents

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    Interview |

    Sam Harris

    The humanist thinker goes long on everything from mindfulness to the so-called intellectual Dark Web

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    Feature |

    Playmate Review

    Reaquaint yourself with the beauties of 2018 and make your picks for the next PMOY

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    Feature |

    When Spirituality Goes Viral Jesse Hyde

    Following a death in his flock, Bentinho Massaro plots the next move

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    Feature |

    Peace Through Punk Rock Daniel C. Britt

    Inside the Yangopn, Myanmar scene -- a spiky bastion of free expression

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    20Q |

    Taraji P. Henson Eric Spitznagel

    The What Men Want start holds nothing back

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    Pictorial |

    Free Form Blaise Cepis

    Photographer Blaise Cepis turns heavenward for his guiding light

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    Feature |

    Emir Shiro Uncensored Kevin E.g. Perry

    The artist amplifies his message using the power of suggestion

  • Page Numbers: 136 137

    Feature |

    Murder, They Rapped Jeff Weiss

    When hip-hop lyrics are used as evidence in criminal trials

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    Feature |

    A New Wave Natasha Wilson

    Meet six journalists who can make a statement without writing a word

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    Feature |

    The Art Of The Real Sloane Crosley

    Zero clouds gather under the conscience of Stormy Daniels

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    Pictorial |

    Extra Credit David Merenyi

    A tantalizing treat from the annals of featuring sapiosexual Taya Vais