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    Interview |

    Playboy Interview: Michael Shannon

    A candid conversation with the star of screen and stage whose bone-deep empathy leads to indelible, Oscar-worthy performances but stops at the gates of the White House

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    Pictorial |


    With the help of five extraordinary undergrads, we proudly reintroduce our annual college pictorial

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    Feature |

    The Campus Consent Crisis Stephanie Haney

    From Title IX offices to state and federal courts, the process for adjudicating sexual-assualt cases between college students is shockingly flawed; here, we search for hope amid the chaos

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    20Q |

    Sofia Boutella Danielle Bacher

    Born in Algeria, raised in France and honed to lethal sharpness on stadium stages, the actress, dancer and erstwhile licker of Tom Cruise’s face takes on her edgiest project yet

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    Feature |

    Of Human Bondage Jonathan Tasini

    Around the world—America included—forced labor is alive and well. Our correspondent meets survivors and activists striving to break the chains once and for all

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    Pictorial |

    La Reina

    Spend an afternoon with Mexican-born model Jocelyn Corona, one of the most exciting names in the game

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    Pictorial |

    Game Set Match

    Tennis, anyone? Latvian beauty Olga de Mar hits the sweet spot

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    Feature |

    Kick-Ass "vices" Rob Williams

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    Kirby Griffin Playmate of the Month

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    Olga De Mar Playmate of the Month

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