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    Interview |

    Playboy Interview: Chelsea Handler

    A candid conversation with the talk-show iconoclast on making the jump to Netflix, favoring one-night stands over long-term relationships and learning to take oneself seriously

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    Pictorial |

    Anchors Aweigh

    A Danish beauty sets sail off the coast of Barcelona-all hands on deck for the radiant Johanne Landbo

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    Feature |

    Danger In Tomorrowland Steve Friess

    A nation driven by technological genius, shaken by a monument scandal and vulnerable to Russian meddling. We're talking about Estonia, of course

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    Fiction |

    Artemis Andy Weir

    A nascent Moon colony, a down-and-out smuggler and a dangerous proposition-suit up for this exclusive excerpt from the new novel by the author of The Martian

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    Pictorial |

    Enchanté, Mademoiselle Rau Anna Del Gaizo

    Our November Playmate comes all the way from Paris to kick off our holiday festivities and teach us a thing or two about love

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    Pictorial |

    Milena's Penthouse

    The L.A. stunner leads a roaming striptease through the Hollywood Roosevelt, from the vertiginous rooftop to a boozy bubble bath

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    Feature |

    Sisters Of The Cam Jessica P. Ogilvie

    How a Middle American family was nearly torn asunder between fundamentalism and the internet’s wild frontier—and how its three daughters found both cam-girl glory and a measure of grace

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    Fiction |

    Under The Clock Robert Coover

    The second hand never stops sweeping at the Railway Hotel

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    Pictorial |

    Fire And Iceland

    From the heartland to the West Coast to the fjords, December Playmate Allie Leggett is a force of nature

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    Feature |

    Queer Uganda Stands Up Jacob Kushner

    Three years after courts struck down a "Kill the Gays” law, LGBTQ Ugandans weigh the cost of participating in a society that hasn’t always accepted their right to live

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    Feature |

    Red Christmas

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    Pictorial |

    Taylor, Sydney & Terra Jo

    This pictorial will forever change the way you think of spa days. Dive in with Taylor Bagley Sydney Roper and Terra Jo Wallace—the water is fine