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    Interview |

    Playboy Interview: Christopher Nolan

    A candid conversation with the filmmaker on the through-lines that bind his sprawling canon—from Memento to the Dark Knight trilogy to his new World War II epic

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    Pictorial |


    The soft light of early summer and the dreamy sensuality of Kate Harrison and Emily LaBowe make for an intoxicating blend. Join them as they while away an afternoon in a hotel suite high above the Hollywood fray

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    Feature |

    Bill Nye Amanda Petrusigh

    His career in entertainment may have started with a Steve Martin look-alike contest, but this Science Guy has become one of the bravest soldiers in the fight for rationalism. Meet the brains behind the bow tie

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    Feature |

    High-Speed American Dreams Adam Skolnick

    A futuristic transport system envisioned by Elon Musk. A wave of international students striving to make it real. And a violent encounter in the Silicon Prairie

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    Pictorial |

    Sharp Shooter Sasha Eisenman

    Olivia Brower may have grown up by the sea (Cardiff-by-the-Sea, to be exact), but she’s equally comfortable—and beautiful—in the desert. Here she explores the wilds of Joshua Tree

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    Fiction |

    The Disgruntled Americans Frank Bill

    Something's rotten in the state of Indiana. A heartland tale of redneck revenge

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    Pictorial |

    Paradise Found

    The crystal-blue waters and white sands of a Bahamas beach combined with the singular beauty of July Playmate Dana Taylor—sounds like heaven to us

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    Feature |

    Are You Experienced

    Testing out the fledgling Airbnb Experiences, our writer takes an inebriated tour of Detroit with a former guitarist for Kid Rock and a gaggle of new friends (including one lizard man)

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    20Q |

    Alison Brie David Hochman

    This summer, the pint-size powerhouse plays both a permed wrestler and a profane nun. Read on as she plys her razor-sharp wit on wrestling moves, nude scenes and cat cafés

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    Pictorial |

    Out Of The Wild

    Untamed and unashamed, Miki Hamano is entirely in her element as she traverses the verdant forests of Three Rivers, California

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    Fiction |

    She Got Away A. M. Homes

    Incidents, accidents, surprises and demises-Cheryl’s in over her head dealing with a family emergency

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    Pictorial |

    Greetings From Tulum

    Modern-day siren Tara Lynn sends a dazzling dispatch from Mexico’s ecotourism mecca

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    Pictorial |

    A Global Girl

    With her innate wanderlust and wide-ranging passions, August Playmate Liza Kei is the stunning soul of adventure

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    Feature |

    Travels With Toro

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    Pictorial |

    Hills Angel

    An afternoon ride through Topanga Canyon with the captivating Lis Giolito-and a reminder that sometimes freedom comes on two wheels