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    Playboy Interiew: Ezra Klein

    A candid conversation with the founder and former Washington Post Wonkblogger about fighting fake news, shunning social media and taking on Trump

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    Feature |

    The New Creatives Liz Suman

    Art as resistance. Art as innovation. Art as delirious escape. In an age of “alternative facts,” we need it all—and the artists and designers on these pages deliver, using everything from acrylic paint to their own bodies in the service of pushing the boun

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    Fiction |

    The Sparrow Dennis Lehane

    A friendly face from Rachel’s past arrives unexpectedly just when she needs helpbut is it too good to be true? An exclusive excerpt from bestselling author Dennis Lehane’s latest novel

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    Pictorial |

    Oh Lada!

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    Mdma's Long, Strange Trip Seven Mcdonald

    With its growing reputation among veterans and abuse survivors as a PTSD cure, the drug is about to complete its journey from the counterculture (and the club) to the mainstream

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    Court And Spark

    Summer comes early when model, poet and songwriter Jessi M'Bengue takes a day off to revel in the California sun

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    Monsters Matthew Sharpe


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    Road Warrior

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    Porn To The People Leah Sottile

    How Dan Savage's Hump! festival grew from an indie-porn bazaar into a righteous kink army

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    Pictorial |

    Sun-Kissed Summer

    It's time for a vacation. Join trilingual model Julia Almenadra and a New York-based photography duo on a trip to southern France's verdant yard and hidden beaches.