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    20Q |

    Miles Teller Alex Scordelis

    After facing off against J.K. Simmons in Whiplash, starring in the cursed Fantastic Four and weathering a snarky cover story Miles Teller is back with War Dogs and no apologies

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    Feature |

    Drawn Together

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    Feature |

    The New Rules Of Style

    In an era when men can wear suits or sweatpants to work, it’s essential to know the foundational principles of looking good. Here are 20 timeless best practices from our favorite style experts and designers

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    Feature |

    Whereabouts Colin Winnette

    The best of intentions may not be enough to help a hopeful but hapless husband find his wayward wife

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    Pictorial |

    Miss September

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    Feature |

    The Rise And Fall Of Loon Thomas Golianopoulos

    Chauncey "Loon" Hawkins was Harlem hustler royalty a hit-writer for Puff Daddy and a crucial part of the Bad Boy Records family He looks back at the wave that took him and the wreckage it left behind

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    Kelly Gale Playmate of the Month

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