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    Interview |

    Brian Schweitzer Jeff Greenfield

    A candid conversation with the former Montana governor about his dark-horse quest for the presidency and his Wild West approach to politics

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    Feature |

    Hollywood High Neal Gabler

    The news is full of celebrities and their drug problems. Are stars really more prone to addiction? The answer is yes, and the reasons may surprise you.

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    Pictorial |

    Rise & Shine Marzena Bukowska-Filuk

    There's something to be said for basking in the sunrise in an unmade bed. Just ask Polish model Anita Sikorska.

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    Feature |

    Attack! Good Boy Adam Skolnick

    For $100,000 man's best friend can become his best weapon. Inside the bizarre world of the executive-protection dog industry.

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    20Q |

    David Walton Eric Spitznagel

    The star of About a Boy explains the TV business and the plight of the tall man.

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    Fiction |

    The Bullet Michael Connelly

    When a musician drops dead 10 years after being shot, finally succumbing to a bullet lodged in his back, LAPD investigator Harry Bosch begins his search in the worst of positions- with nothing.

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    Feature |

    Playboy Playbook Joe Mckendry

    Bring your a-game to living well with these winning strategies for the modern gentleman.

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    Feature |

    Winners, Losers, And Legends Harold Goldberg

    More people watched these guys play a video game than watched the highest-rated games of the NBA finals, the NHL finals or Sunday Night Football. Welcome to the future of sports.

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    Pictorial |

    The Erotic World Of Salvador Dali Salvador Dali And Pompeo Posar

    Forty years ago the master surrealist brought some of his unique fantasies to life in our pages. Revisit the results, along with previously unpublished Behind-the-scenes photos

  • Centerfold |

    Elizabeth Ostrander Playmate of the Month

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