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    Interview |

    Gary Oldman David Hochman

    A candid conversation with one of Hollywood's best actors about acting, political correctness and his defense of Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin.

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    Feature |

    Chronic Insecurity William Wheeler

    Colorado in in the middle of a marijuana-induced banking cirsis, as the cash and drugs pile up, those on the front lines worry that legalized pot is about to experience an epic comedown

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    Pictorial |

    California Dreamin' Terry Richardson

    Join us as we take a scintillating sneak peek at our upcoming special edition with the legendary fashion photographer

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    Feature |

    Phil Ivey's New House Of Cards Michael Kaplan

    The man they call the best poker player in history is back in the public eye. But now it's not just about winning money. It's about building an empire.

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    Feature |

    Sex In The Forbidden City Vivienne Chow

    A mysterious writer published the most popular erotica book in Hong Kong and pulled back the covers on China's sexual underground. The author remains hidden, but the questions he raised about sex in China do not.

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    Feature |

    Om Sweet Om Tony Kelly

    The centuries-old practice of yoga has never been more popular- nor has it ever looked so beautiful.

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    Feature |

    Birds Of The West Indies Taryn Simon. Kevin West

    In her latest project, acclaimed conceptual artist and photographer Taryn Simon trains her lens on the James Bond franchise.

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    Feature |

    Rave New World Rachel R White

    Fueled by the internet, the rave scene in being reborn in a mind altering collision of electronic music, digital art, and designer drugs. But will anyone log off long enough to show up?

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    Feature |

    Surviving Hunter S. Thompson Craig Vetter

    Looking back at 35 years of a drug-fueled, dangerous friendship with the gonzo legend.

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    20Q |

    Marc Maron Eric Spitznagel

    The edgiest comic working doesn't like Mom, dates Moon Zappa, and remembers Sam Kinison

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    Feature |

    Jubilee City David Lapham

    Artist Joe Andoe's autobiography, Jubilee City, traces his journey from hell-raising in 1970's Tulsa to having his work displayed in the Whitney and the Met. Cartoonist David Lapham presents an illustrated snapshot of Andoe's wild ride?

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    Fiction |

    Extreme (Part Iii) Don Winslow

    It's one thing to have a billion dollars. It's another to be able to live with it.

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    Feature |

    The Apology Epidemic Gilbert Gottfried

    In a world patrolled by sensitive Twitterati, it's easy to offend and easier to apologize. Our expert has another idea: Just tell everyone to fuck off.

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    Feature |

    Best Bars 2014 Editors Of Playboy

    Our favorite bars in America like to play hard to get. Here are the top clandestine watering holes, neo-speakeasies and stealth gin mills

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    Stephanie Branton Playmate of the Month

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