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    Interview |

    Ben Affleck Michael Fleming

    A candid conversation with Hollywood's ultimate comeback kid about the success of Argo, his newfound distaste for politics, and the Batman backlash

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    Pictorial |

    Love On The Rocks David Bellemere

    Spend a surreal afternoon with Alejandra Guilmant

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    Feature |

    Playboy Miscellany Ben Schott

    A collection of uncommon knowledge about the most (in)famous magazine in history, obsessively compiled, curated, and presented by trivia mastermind Ben Schott

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    Fiction |

    Julie And The Warlord B.j. Novak

    Julie sometimes met the most interesting men on dates.

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    Feature |

    Sex: A Very Oral Report Molly Oswaks

    A sexual State of the Union for the modern woman from our favorite female minds

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    20Q |

    Patton Oswalt Stephen Rebella

    Underemployed? Meet your archnemesis: Stand-up comic, dramatic actor, cartoon voice, author, internet scold, and professional geek.

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    Feature |

    The Dead Letter File

    Sixty years of correspondence from the Playboy archives

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    Feature |

    Modern Romance Joe Casey

    In this parody of old-time modern romance comic books Joe Casey illustrates the cynicism of contemporary life and love, circa 2014

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    Feature |

    Playboy's Best Practices

    After you've abandoned your New Year's resolutions, we'd like you to direct your attention to this compendium of advice we've found unwaveringly useful and true month to month, year to year. It covers everything from the culinary to the sartorial to the behavioral and beyond. Consider this guide a starter kit for how to be a modern gentleman

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    Fiction |

    By Sun And Lightning Don Winslow

    It was true love for Shannon and Danny. But business is business.

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    Feature |

    Playboy , Magazine Ads, And The Original Mad Man George Lois

    Sure, you love the Playmate. And of course you read the articles. But what about the ads? The greatest adman who ever lived looks back over 60 years of advertising in these pages and picks out the good, the bad and the stupid.

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    Roos Van Montfort Playmate of the Month

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    Amanda Booth Playmate of the Month

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