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    Interview |

    Ray Kelly Glenn Plaskin

    A candid conversation with New York's top cop about fighting crime and terrorists, why the police are lightning rods and how stop-and-frisk saves lives

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    Feature |

    The Truth Shall Set You Free Neal Gabler

    Why would a wealthy businessman walk away from money and comfort to devote his life to freeing wrongly convicted prisoners? Jim McCloskey has his reasons-and a surprising record of success

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    Pictorial |

    Snow Angel Viktor Krasnov

    These photos of adorable Ukrainian Olga Ogneva are enough to make snowman blush

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    Feature |

    Three Minutes Stuart Dybek

    There's much a man can learn within the confines of the Ring

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    20Q |

    James Marsden David Hochman

    He was bossed around by Tina Fey, played Cyclops in X-Men and now meets the toughest foe: the world's funniest anchorman

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    Feature |

    Turned On Rachel Rabbit White

    The online sexual revolution is reshaping the rules of porn and relocating porn stars from the Valley to the house next door

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    Feature |

    Talkin' 'bout Your Generation Steven Chean

    Is the Greatest Generation really that great? Are the Boomers a joke? Do Millennials suck? Finally, your definitive guide to defending or attacking any age group

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    Pictorial |

    House Call Josh Ryan

    We've got the fever for Miss December. Luckily, this gorgeous medical student and international model has the cure

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    Fiction |

    Six Soldiers Of Fortune Robert Coover

    It is now time to determine the fate of the world

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    Feature |

    The Year In Sex

    Our roundup of the most hedonistic headlines and titillating tidbits

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    Feature |

    Sex In Cinema Stephen Rebello

    From the big screen to the flatscreen to whatever device was handy, it was a banner year for our favorite pastime

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    Feature |

    Criminal Mind Harold Goldberg

    Grand Theft Auto's reclusive genius Sam Houser can't get away

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    Feature |

    Game Changers

    The movie-streaming, TV-watching, motion-sensing, game-playing megamachines are here

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    Feature |

    Public Enemy Number One Malcolm Beith

    Al Capone used to rule Chicago. Now El Chapo does

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    Feature |

    College Basketball Preview Gary Parrish

    Why this season's run to March Madness will be unlike any other in the long history of NCAA Hoops

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    Pictorial |

    Helmut Newton

  • Centerfold |

    Kennedy Summers Playmate of the Month

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