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    Interview |

    Sean Hannity David Hochman

    A candid conversation with Fox News's feistest conservative about hating liberalism, rebuilding the GOP and sowing those youthful wild oats

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    Feature |

    Deported Warriors Luis Alberto Urrea And Erin Siegal Mcintyre

    You can fight for your adopted country. But if you get in trouble when you get home-like Hector Barajas and thousands of other U.S. soldiers did-you will be booted out of the United States in a heartbeat

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    Feature |

    Playboy's Best Bars 2013 Gorman Studio

    The top cocktail lounges, retooled saloons, and neo-speakeasies that are raising the bar on how we drink

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    Feature |

    Chasing The Dragon Matthew Polly

    Forty years ago Enter The Dragon kicked open the door for action flicks. But behind the scenes, the movie that made Bruce Lee a superstar was nearly derailed by clashes-both cultural and physical. Playboy traces the making of a Kung Fu classic from Hollywood to Hong Kong

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    Feature |

    Secretary Of Stagecraft James Rosen

    John Kerry is no mere diplomat traveling the globe to advance America's interests. He's a scholar, a showman, a salesman, a target, an enemy and a man who's finding that being secretary of State might be an impossible job

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    Pictorial |

    Body Heat Marlos Bakker

    Brazilian Karen Kounrouzan-blazing hot and pretty in pink

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    Feature |

    The Still Life Todd Parker

    On a farm somewhere in the backwoods of the deep South, Playboy goes undercover to reveal the secret art of Artisanal Moonshine

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    Fiction |

    The Marlbane Manchester Musser Award T.c. Boyle

    After what he discovered on the train, Riley would have to reconsider the literary laurels

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    20Q |

    Armie Hammer Brantley Bardin

    The new Lone Ranger talks Big Macs and Vespas and tells how to tie anyone-including his wife-in knots

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Alyssa Arce Sasha Eisenman

    Fast times with Miss July Alyssa Arce

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    Feature |

    Brewster's Ark Rob Magnuson Smith

    An internet innovator is collecting a copy of every book ever written. Why is Brewster Kahle determined to preserve our written knowledge?

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    Feature |

    The Diceman Recometh Neal Gabler

    Comedian Andrew Dice Clay knows all about the fickle nature of show business

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Val Keil Josh Ryan

    A Star is Born An homage to the Golden Age of Hollywood, featuring Miss August Val Keil

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    Feature |

    Let's Get Small

    Prefab gets prefabolous in these downsized decadent Summer retreats that come in sizes ranging from small to extra extra small. But don't be fooled by the scale-they're all about living large

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    Feature |

    Fast Eddie's Last Stand Chas Smith

    For decades Eddie Rothman has ferociously defended the North Shore of Oahu with his fists. Today he's facing Biotech giant Monsanto and it's turning out to be the fight of his life

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    Feature |

    Cover Story

    For seven decades, Playboy has printed some of the most iconic covers in magazine history

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    Pictorial |

    La Beaute David Bellemere

    A mysterious French model in a famed piece of Architecture. C'est Magnifique

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    Alyssa Arcè Playmate of the Month

    2880 x 1922 (89.59 KB)

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    Val Keil Playmate of the Month

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