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    Interview |

    Matt Damon Stephen Rebello

    A candid conversation with the nice-guy movie star about being a neurotic, fearful action hero, dodging the Paparazzi and trying to do good

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    Feature |

    The Big Cigar Joshuah Bearman

    A true-life 1970s Hollywood epic?starring a cocaine-addled producer, Bert Schneider, the revolutionary leader of the Black Panthers, Huey Newton, and their wild scheme to smuggle "the Package" to Castro's Cuba

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    Pictorial |

    Paz De La Huerta Jefferey Deitch

    She's a star of film and TV, a painter, a director, an all-around ambassador of lust. Say hello to?

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    Feature |

    The Miami Zombie Frank Owen

    A gruesome crime sparks a global panic over a drug that, police say, turns users into violent monsters. Our reporters samples the wares and finds the truth is weirder

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    Feature |

    The Playmate As Fine Art Will Cotton, Richard Prince, Jill Magid, Wes Lang, Ryan Mcginness, Cindy Sherman, Tracey Emin

    Seven famous contemporary artists interpret Playboy's provocative Centerfold

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    Feature |

    Chasing Moriarity Jack Kerouac

    Back before he hit the road with Sal Paradise, Dean Moriarty made his mark in Denver

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    20Q |

    Scott Speedman Kevin Cook

    The teen heartthrob turned tough guy explains why Canadians make lousy action heroes, debates the merits of Kobe vs Jordan and comes clean about his hatred of twitter

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Karina Marie Sasha Eisenman

    Winter Wonderland From ski bunny to Playboy bunny, Miss January Karina Marie hits the sauna

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    Feature |

    Cars Of The Year 2013 A.j. Baime, Ken Gross And Editors Of Playboy

    If it has wheels and an engine, our team of automotive specialists hammered its throttle-on roads and racetracks across the globe. Here are our picks for 2013

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    Fiction |

    Keller At Sea Lawrence Block

    A hit man's job becomes more complicated when he and his target are sailing together on a cruise ship. But, then, this is a special kind of hit man

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Shawn Dillon Tony Kelly

    Grab your rod and reel and climb aboard. Falling for Miss February Shawn Dillon-hook, line, and sinker

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    Pictorial |

    The Year In Sex

    The 37 worst blunders, kinkiest scandals, hottest women and weirdest news

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    Feature |

    Playboy Classic: Salman Rushdie David Sheff

    When militant Muslims forced the writer into hiding, Playboy found him and learned the truth about living under a fatwa

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    Feature |

    Crowdsourcing The Car Of The Future Neal Gabler

    Forget GM and Ford. Jay Rogers and his local motors want to build tomorrow's cars today, and they want you and everyone else on the internet to help them.

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate Review

    Time to cast your vote in the season's second-most-important election

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    Karina Marie Playmate of the Month

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    Shawn Dillon Playmate of the Month

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