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    Interview |

    Lee Child Steve Oney

    A candid conversation with the creator of the best-selling Jack Reacher novels about reinventing yourself at 40, Tom Cruise's height and the joys of weed

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    Feature |

    The Redemption Of A Sneaker Pimp Neal Gabler

    Did Sonny Vaccaro ruin college sports? Is he really the right guy to save them?

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    Pictorial |

    Czech Mate Jan Tuma

    A roll in the grass with comely model Kamila Hermanova

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    Feature |

    Gilding The Gridiron Jennifer Ryan Jones

    Playboy guide to Tailgating like a gentleman

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    Feature |

    Top 10 Party Schools Playboy

    The numbers have been crunched and the drinking stories tallied. We now present to you the best universities in the country for letting loose. Our methodology? We took America's top 100 colleges and ranked them across 900 data points in three categories: sex, sports, and nightlife. The hangover just went away

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    Feature |

    Playboy Classic: Stephen Hawking Morgan Strong

    Looking back at our conversation with the intellectual successor to Albert Einstein about how our universe really began

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    20Q |

    Dax Shepard David Hochman

    The comic turned actor (and drugged-out bad boy turned vegan gentleman) talks about his newfound monogamy with Kristen Bell, his life without cocaine and booze and his not-so-secret man crush on Burt Reynolds

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Pamela Horton Arny Freytag

    The Artist The colorful world of Miss October

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    Feature |

    The Gaming Gold Rush? David Kushner

    In the boom-and-bust billion-dollar cell phone video game business, today's Cinderella story is tomorrow's old news. Meet the players-the winners and the losers-in the most high stakes gaming battle of all time

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    Feature |

    Playboy's Nfl Preview Rick Gosselin

    Kicking off the league's 93rd season-scandal, hugely anticipated rookies and our surprise pick to win it all

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    Fiction |

    Circuit Builders Don Peteroy

    Channelside was a different kind of rehab, it was up to each addict to figure out how it worked

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    Pictorial |

    Girls Of The Big Ten Zachary James Johnston, James Trevenen And Matt Wagemann

    Our crack photographers swept low across the Midwest, in search of brains and beauty. Look what we found-a bevy of bright All-American girls

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    Pamela Horton Playmate of the Month

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