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    Interview |

    Tom Cruise Michael Fleming

    A candid conversation with the billion-dollar movie star about his impressive career comeback and the PR missteps that nearly destroyed it all

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    Feature |

    Armed And Dangerous Pat Jordan

    What happens when our writers struts around town with a pistol on his hip? He finds out that open-carry laws are putting an uncomfortable new spin on gun control

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    Pictorial |

    Desert Fox Brian Bowen Smith

    A trip out into the wild El Mirage with Lens Master Brian Bowen Smith

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    Feature |

    The Underground Casinos Of Paris Adam Levin

    Corsicans run various gambling spots in the city of light. The women are alluring, the champagne is sweet and the clientele is tough

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    Fiction |

    Vlad Carlos Fuentes

    The new client, an exiled Balkan noble, had made a series of bizarre requests. Yet no one was prepared for the horrors inside the mansion in Lomas Heights

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    Feature |

    The Playmate As Pop Art Dave Hickey

    Forty-five years ago, Playboy asked 11 artists to interpret the centerfold, we revisit their work to determine how tastes have changed

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    Feature |

    Thy Neighbor's Life Slavoj Zizek

    Why are we so concerned about the pleasures of others?

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Amelia Talon Stephen Wayda

    Summer Flame Miss June brings the heat

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    20Q |

    Rhys Ifans Stephen Rebello

    Hollywood favorite bad boy doesn't back down. The latest and toughest export from Wales takes on Spider-man, special effects, Harry Potter, the Paparazzi, Margaret Thatcher, Ipads, Debbie Harry, Raquel Welch and politics-and comes out on top

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    Feature |

    Bionic Man Steven Kotler

    David Rozelle is the first American since the Civil War to return to battle after losing a limb in combat. The amazing story of a soldier and the scientist who rebuilt him

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    Feature |

    Outlaw Economists Tim Schultz

    These rogues of the dismal science have been vindicated by the economic crash. How much longer can mainstream economists ignore the heterodox?

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    Pictorial |

    Jaclyn Swedberg Is Playmate Of The Year Stephen Wayda

    Our favorite daredevil pulls off her most impressive feat yet

  • Centerfold |

    Amelia Talon Playmate of the Month

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