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    Interview |

    Paul Krugman Jonathan Tasini

    A candid conversation with the Nobel Prize-winning economist and controversial columnist about how the economy went crazy and whether it can be fixed

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    Feature |

    Superhuman Steven Kotler

    Extreme athletes across all disciplines perform feats that were unimaginable just 10 years ago. With no margin of error, it's either perfection or death. The science and strange sanity of the new?

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    Pictorial |

    Red-Hot Rio Marlos Bakker

    Playboy's guide to Carnival, the greatest bacchanal on Earth

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    Fiction |

    The Oprah Master's Son Adam Johnson

    To survive in the world's most mysterious totalitarian state a man must find comfort in doing what he's told

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    Feature |

    The Playboy Club In Space A.j. Baime And Jason Harper

    Imagine the wildest party on Earth. Now imagine that party just blasted off of it. Welcome to Heaven in the Heavens

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    Feature |

    The Weird World Of Biopolitics Neal Gabler

    Why are you Republican or a Democrat? Before you answer, take a look at a burgeoning new science that claims it's mostly in your genes. And thanks to Darwinism, that's good news for Conservatives and bad news for Liberals

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Lisa Seiffert Sasha Eisenman

    A moment in the sun Miss March shines bright

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    20Q |

    David Cross Eric Spitznagel

    The star of Todd Margaret talks about his own increasingly poor decisions: snorting coke near Obama, terrorizing Jim Belushi, getting naked in public and, worst of all, starring in The Chipmunks

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    Feature |

    Power To The People James R. Petersen

    Nothing you've been told bout power will prepare you for this year's crop of motorcycles. Manufacturers have broken the gas ceiling, offering ready-to-wear 200 horsepower bikes. In some cases they've discovered the power of cool-the subtle and the sexy. Want a ride?

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    Feature |

    Smoke Katherine Dunn

    He was Heavyweight Champion of the World and Ali's greatest foil, but Joe Frazier was more than just a legendary boxer

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    Pictorial |

    Fight Club Gavin Edwards

    We join the UFC's Brittney Palmer for a hot session in the gym

  • Centerfold |

    Lisa Seiffert Playmate of the Month

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