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    Interview |

    Chris Wallace David Hochman

    A candid conversation with Fox News star about anger in politics, his controversial network, his famous dad and his first love: Walter Cronkite's daughter

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    Feature |

    The Secret Treachery Of A.q. Khan Joshua Pollack

    The Pakistani nuclear scientist has spent years confessing his traitorous sins. Yet he's kept his biggest transgression to himself

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    Pictorial |

    Lindsay Reborn Christopher Tennant

    Classic beauty, wild child, silver screen siren, inmate #2409752, the rise, fall and redemption of America's most fascinating celebrity

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    Fiction |

    Raylan Elmore Leonard

    He's a federal Marshal from the hills of Kentucky. He's dispatched drug dealers and kidnappers, but can he handle a femme fatale who knows how to use a scalpel?

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    Feature |

    Leroy Leroy Neiman

    On the occasion of his 90th birthday, LeRoy Neiman tells us the stories behind the pictures

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    Feature |

    Cars Of The Year 2012 Ken Gross

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    Feature |

    The Night Steve Jobs Met Andy Warhol David Sheff

    It was Sean Lennon's ninth birthday, and Yoko Ono had invited some friends, including Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Harry Nilsson and Walter Cronkite. Steve Jobs brought a special gift: The very first Macintosh any of them had ever seen. One writer was there

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    Pictorial |

    The Year In Sex

    Beneath the plain gray boxer briefs of society lurks the torpedo of truth

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    Feature |

    Saigon Confidential Paula Froelich

    Forty years ago, Americans couldn't wait to get out of Vietnam. Now the nation's bizarre brand of war tourism has us coming back. The Heart of Darkness beats on

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    Feature |

    The 20 Greatest Cocktails Of All Time Terry Sullivan

    They don't make'em like they used to. But you can-right now. It's timeto 86 the potato-chip vodka and energy drinks, along with the diet beer, bombs and shooters of all stripes. Return with us to the thrilling cocktail days of yesteryear

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Heather Knox Arny Freytag

    Gridiron girl Miss January is a great catch

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Leola Bell Stephen Wayda

    Bell Dejour Miss February makes any day a perfect day

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    Feature |

    The World's Most Dangerous Publisher John H. Richardson

    It's illegal to kill a human being, blow up a building, hack into a corporate website. But Peder Lund has made an impressive living teaching the world how to all this and more with Paladin Press. On the front lines of his quiet war, the First Amendent is a battlefield, and the blood that flows is all too real

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    Fiction |

    What It Was George Pelecanos

    Washington, D.C., the Summer of 1972: One man means to spill enough blood to secure his legend

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    Feature |

    Superjail! Christy Karacas

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    Feature |

    Nightmare In South Beach Pat Jordan

    When a popular TV weatherman was drugged and scammed-twice-by the same women, he could have shut up and avoided public embarrassment. Instead, he fought back

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    20Q |

    Nick Offerman David Rensin

    The manly, meat-eating cult hero of Parks and Recreation disses aluminum canoes, wants to be ugly and explains the charms of the older woman

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    Feature |

    King Of The Cosmos Carl Zimmer

    Is he a comic performer? A genius astrophysicist? A man intent on bringing America back to its place of prominence in the world of science? Come ponder the universe with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate Review

    A friendly reminder from the women who made 2011 a most beautiful year

  • Centerfold |

    Heather Knox Playmate of the Month

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