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    Interview |

    James Franco Stephen Rebello

    A candid coversation with the actor-director-writer-artist-student about being Hollywood's most legendary multitasker and the controversies that follows him

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    Feature |

    Failed States Lester R. Brown

    The stakes are high, and time is not on our side. There is mounting evidence that our civilization is in serious trouble

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    Pictorial |

    Camp Playboy Stephen Wayda

    Welcome to the Summer camp of your dreams-A Sylvan playground where athletic females wear little more than tanning oil and the only thing hotter than the days are the nights. Over six pages, we bring your fantasy to life

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    Fiction |

    Romance Chuck Palahniuk

    She's hot as Britney Spears. Hotter. She parties like Hollywood. She's way out of his league or that's the story he's sticking to

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    Feature |

    An Afro In The Cosmos Anthony Bozza

    The unlikely and overdue ascension of Reggie Watts

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    Feature |


    A sojourn at Ian Fleming's Jamaican beach estate-now a refurbished luxury hotel-where James Bond was born

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Iryna Ivanova Stephen Wayda

    International Excursion Travel the globe with Miss August

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    20Q |

    Bryan Cranston Eric Spitznagel

    Breaking Bad's intriguing Drug Kingpin comes clean about this addiction to Chilies, defends his awkard sex scene with Julia Roberts and gets semitough in the face of Jon Hamm's Emmy-driven jealousy

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    Feature |

    Shock Value Jason Zinoman

    Wes Craven created films that became the bloody heart of cinema's New Horror-box-office killers that assault the audience's complacency and are populated by demons that are no match for America's own

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    Feature |

    After Midnight

    The sun's coming up? Time for one more round! Our tour of America's greatest late-night bars

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    Feature |

    Live Nude Models Jonathan Lethem

    In this Portrait of the author as a young man, he was exposed to women who exposed themselves for art. What could they tell him about sex and desire?

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    Pictorial |

    Charlie Sheen's Goddess Has Left The Building Gavin Edwards

    The secret life of "Goddess" Bree Olson and her onetime beau Mr. Sheen

  • Centerfold |

    Iryna Ivanova Playmate of the Month

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