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    Interview |

    Josh Brolin Stephen Rebello

    A candid conversation with the tough-guy actor about his run-ins with the law, his double life as a day trader and his man crush on Ryan Reynolds

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    Feature |

    Grown In The Usa Richard Statton And Rob Hill

    On the eve of the marijuana legalization vote in California, we deconstruct the booming underground economy surrounding America's biggest cash crop

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    Pictorial |

    Grey's Anatomy Elizabeth Kaye

    Sasha Grey, a woman who is more than her parts

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    Feature |

    A Letter To The Aliens Jon Stewart

    In this excerpt from their new book, Earth (The Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race, Jon Stewart and the writers of The Daily Show aim for the darkest corners of the universe

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    Feature |

    The Playboy Bar: Bourbon Terry Sullivan

    All the juice on the great American spirit

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    Fiction |

    Woman, Fire & The Sea Meaghan Mulholland

    On the French riviera some dangers can't be avoided, no matter how strong the warning

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    Pictorial |

    Claire Sinclair Stephen Wayda

    Vintage Model Miss October epitomizes the classic pinup girl

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    Feature |

    The Playboy Honor Roll The Playboy Staff

    Meet 20 professors who are reinventing the classroom. College will never be the same

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    Feature |

    Sole Asylum Steve Garbarino, Fashion By Jennifer Ryan Jones

    Playboy's guide to the Well-Heeled man

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    Feature |

    The Unstompable Roach Kevin Cook

    Boxing's hottest trainer-the man in Manny Pacquiao's corner-is one fierce hombre. Freddie Roach, who once bit out the eye of a street thug, keeps it real at his gritty gym in Hollywood despite drop-ins from the likes of Mark Wahlberg and Mickey Rourke

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    20Q |

    William Shatner David Rensin

    Everyone's favorite iconic actor talks $#*! About his show, the strangeness of Star Trek fans and the wonders of Betty White

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    Feature |

    The Biggest Gamble In Sports History Kevin Cook

    When Monday Night Football debuted 40 years ago this month, experts thought it was the most ill-conceived and doomed show ever. Today it's one of the longest-running programs on TV.

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    Pictorial |

    Girls Of The Pac 10 George Georgiou & Jared Ryder

    Our intrepid lensmen journey in the wild west

  • Centerfold |

    Claire Sinclair Playmate of the Month

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