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    Interview |

    John Mayer Rob Tannenbaum

    A candid conversation with the tabloids' favorite rock star about Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, being an honorary black man and why the best sex happens alone

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    Feature |

    Blown Away Frank Owen

    Who was Rian Thal-a nice middle class Jewish girl from the suburbs who worked as a Hip-hop party promoter? Or a natural-born hustler who operated with significant power in the drug underworld? Bridget Jones's Diary meets The Wire on the mean streets of Philadelphia

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    Pictorial |

    Playboy's Sexiest Celebrities Josh Robertson

    Here are our favorite fantasies, just when we need them the most

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    Feature |

    The House Of Horrors Charles Bukowski

    As a poet of the streets, Bukowski raged and outraged, but he always told the truth-especially about other writers

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    Feature |

    The Rise And Fall Of The First Rock Star Robert Greenfield

    Brian Jones was founder and undisputed leader of the Rolling Stones. He was also a drug-addled suicidal genius, as authorities reexamine the circumstances surrounding his mysterious death in 1969, we look back at the life and legacy of rock stardom's original archetype

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    Feature |

    Playboy's 2010 Music Awards

    Our readers select their favorites from 2009

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    Feature |

    Eros Vinyl

    For fantasy-inducing, stare -at-it-all-day R-rated music packaging, the CD jewel box can't compete with classic large-format vinyl album covers

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    Feature |

    Tommy Stephen King


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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Kyra Milan Arny Freytag

    With her lofty dreams and artistic ambitions, Miss March Kyra Milan is a thing of true beauty

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    Feature |

    School Of Fish Sean Mccusker

    Studying the Japanese art of seafood at Tsukiji in Tokyo, the largest fish market in the world

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    Feature |

    The Multi-Orgasmic Woman Kim Anami

    Referencing ancient Taoist sexual philosophy, an adventurous female writer discusses the intensity and variety of orgasms

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    20Q |

    Shaun White Jason Buhrmester

    Snowboarding's goofy hero talks about the Winter Olympics, growing up with Tony Hawk, the downside of supercompetitiveness and his wandering gold medal.

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    Fiction |

    The Dawn Of Sexual Intercourse Martin Amis

    Scheherazade is tall, lean and busty. Lily is blonde, intense and available. And Keith is holed up with them in a picturesque Italian castle for the Summer of 1970. What's a randy young Englishman to do?

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    Pictorial |

    Kelly Bensimon Mike Guy

    Brains? Meet beauty. This real housewife of New York City has it all

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    Kyra Milan Playmate of the Month

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