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    Interview |

    Playboy Interview: James Cameron

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    Interview |

    James Cameron Stephen Rebello

    A candid conversation with the director of Avatar about huge blockbusters, fake sexy women, learning to be nicer guy and reinventing the way movies are made

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    Feature |

    The Original Of Laura Vladimir Nabokov

    The final work by the modern era's most ingenious writer

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    Pictorial |

    Lolita Roger Ebert

    The book they said could never be made into a movie. Playboy explores the making the most notorious film of the 1960s in this homage starring Sasha Grey as Dolores Haze

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    Feature |

    Brothers In Arms Gore Vidal

    Brigadier General Robin Olds and the great American belletrist were the unlikeliest of brethren

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    Feature |

    Chelsea Handler's Guide To The Holiday Chelsea Handler

    Who needs Martha Stewart or Rachel Ray? Our expert is just like us-she does everything does and covers her crimes with vodka

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    Feature |

    Dope T.j. English

    Lee Lucas rose through the ranks of the DEA the old-fashioned way-employing shoddy evidence, partnering with thugs and abusing the authority of his position

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    Feature |

    Playboy's 2009 Music Poll

    Vote for your favorite artists in our annual celebration of music

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    Pictorial |

    Sex In Cinema Stephen Rebello

    The best erotic scenes from the big screen in theaters-and the small one in your living room

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    Feature |

    Tip-Off '10 David Kaplan And Rocky Rakovic

    After an off-season full of distractions, all eyes are on the court to see who will rise above it all

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Crystal Harris Stephen Wayda

    Holiday Crystal Hef's new squeeze, Crystal Harris, makes the scene as Miss December

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    Feature |

    No Reservations Steve Garbarino

    Chicago's showman restaurateur Jerry Kleiner took and anything-goes approach when he transformed a former industrial garage into a colorful aerie filled with rare finds. You must simply must stay for dinner

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    Feature |

    Dust In The Wind Paulo Coelho

    Why the world's best-selling author is shelving his book collection and going viral

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    Pictorial |

    Cheeky Rankin

    An erotic odyssey from master photographer

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    Feature |

    The Triumph Of The Conservative Underground Thomas Frank

    The Right is rising again. The real counterculture is led by an unlikely talk-show host named Glenn Beck

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    Feature |

    The Book Of Genesis R. Crumb

    The legendary illustrator takes on the Bible. In this chapter, we discover that Jacob's attempt to forge a tribal alliance is thwarted by his son's appetite for vengeance

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    Pictorial |

    How To Undress For Your Man

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    Feature |

    The Great South Florida Python Scare Pat Jordan

    When a python kills a little girl, hysterical officials hire hunters to massacre 100,000 of the reptiles living in the Everglades. But who are the bigger snakes, the pythons or the men who seek to kill them? Our reporter heads into the swamp with his boots on

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    20Q |

    Quinton "rampage" Jackson Jason Buhrmester

    The mercurial MMA champ claims he'll never fight again. That doesn't mean he won't get swinging mad about his ultimate fighter proteges, rude fans and conversations about his arrest last year

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    Feature |

    Playboy Gift Guide Scott Alexander

    It's time to celebrate good old-fashioned American consumerism

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    Pictorial |

    Joanna Rankin

    Dancing with the Stars phenom and world-class model Joanna Krupa reveals all in her sexiest shoot ever