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    Interview |

    Playboy Interview: Woody Harrelson

  • Page Numbers: 38 39

    Interview |

    Woody Harrelson David Hochman

    A candid conversation with the free-spirited actor about the good life in Hawaii, fighting sexual temptations and why he's not the poster boy for pot (as he smokes a joint)

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    Feature |

    Pirates Of Somalia Shashank Bengali

    It's the biggest crime wave in modern times, but when you talk to the pirates and their victims, you realize it's not the story we've been told

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    Pictorial |

    Girls Of The Acc George Georgiou, Jarmo Pohjaniemi And David Rams

    The East coast's best student bodies

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    Feature |

    Bad To The Bone Kevin Cook

    Pumped full of horse testosterone, "rat turds", vodka, and nicotine, the Oakland Raiders of the 1970s were the Hells Angels of football. An uncensored oral history of the meanest, dirtiest, cheatingest team ever to win the Super Bowl

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    Feature |

    Andy Richter Eric Spitznagel

    Sidekick is no one's first choice for a career, especially a comic genius like Richter, but after nine years on his own, he's back by Conan's side?and damn happy to be there

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    Feature |

    Venus On The Half Shell Leopold Froehlich

    The Playboy gourmand has a date with Destiny in the Big Easy: hundreds of Oysters await

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Lindsey Gayle Evans Stephen Wayda

    Riverboat Queen A ride on the Mississippi with Miss October

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    Fiction |

    Light, Sweet Crude Christopher Feliciano Arnold

    It's the age of peak oil. Losing money on a trade means the other guy knew more than you did. Meet the other guy

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    20Q |

    Shawne Merriman Jason Buhrmester

    The San Diego Chargers' meanest sob is rebuilt, recharged and ready to hit anything that moves

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    Feature |

    Sex On Campus 2009 Stinson Carter

    As school gets back in session, Playboy takes an inside look at the secret sex lives and steamy side jobs of six All-American college girls. Plus: Does he sext? Should she wax? The results of our campus sex survey

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    Feature |

    The Golden Age Of Pills Scott Alexander And Rocky Rakovic

    Desk drawers and pockets full of yellow ones, green ones, blue ones

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    Pictorial |

    Love Bites Szymon Brodziak

    Vampire lovers turn fear into fantasy

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    Feature |

    The Weird World Of Gahan Wilson

  • Centerfold |

    Lindsey Gayle Evans Playmate of the Month

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