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    Interview |

    Playboy Interview: Alec Baldwin

  • Page Numbers: 32 33

    Interview |

    Alec Baldwin Michael Fleming

    A candid conversation with the outspoken actor about his battles with studio execs, reporters, lawyer, and his ex, plus what he really thinks about electability

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    Feature |

    Raging Bulls Spencer Morgan

    Unemployed Finance guys in Buenos Aires search for sex, drugs, and their own souls

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    Pictorial |

    Why We Love The 70S Bill Zehme

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    Feature |

    Future Tense T. Boone Pickens, Ben Silverman, Seth Macfarlane

    A symposium on the new American landscape

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    Pictorial |

    Queen Of Convergence

    Olivia Munn TV's hottest nerd guides us through the digital wilds

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    Feature |

    Hi, I'm Billy Mays Pat Jordan

    If you own television, you've already met America's greatest pitchman

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    Fiction |

    Fahrenheit 451 Tim Hamilton Adapts Ray Bradbury

    This graphic adaptation of man's refusal to conform is no less incendiary than the original and a vivid of what story can do in any form

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    Pictorial |

    Double Vision

    Twins have been a theme of fascination and folklore at least since Romulus and Remus grabbed some real estate in what turned out to be Rome.

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    Feature |

    The Manly Art Of Grilling Sean Mccusker

    The iconography of masculine chefs like Mario Batali and Tom Colicchio has turned a generation of men into foodies.

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    Feature |

    The Case Of The Missing G-Spot Chip Rowe

    Does the G-Spot exist? Can a female ejaculate? Why do women have orgasms? As we've done with male desire, we visit the world's sex labs tinfind out what scientists have learned about the erotic response of people with vaginas. Women will always be a mystery, but it never hurts to gather clues

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    Pictorial |

    Playmates: Karissa And Kristina Shannon Arny Freytag

    Presenting Miss July, Karissa, and Miss August, Kristina- The Shannon Twins

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    Feature |

    What's Your Hq?

    The following quiz will test your hip quotient-your knowledge of all manly topics that may come up during, say, a barroom conversation.

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    20Q |

    Judd Apatow Eric Spitznagel

    The comedy genius behind almost every funny movie ever made explains his obsession with penises, his friendship with the Seth Rogen and his unique way of getting revenge

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    Feature |

    A Playboy Pad: Manhattan Loft Steve Garbarino

    There's artistry in residence within hotelier to the Hollywood set of Jason Pomeranc's bachelor spread in downtown Manhattan

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    Pictorial |

    Electric Ladyland Marc Ecko

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    Feature |

    Smuggler's Blues Richard Stratton

    With the Feds on his tail, a career dope smuggler sets up the score of a lifetime. A true story

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    Pictorial |

    How To Take A Bath

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    Fiction |

    Cell Mates Robert Bolano

    Men can't resist Sofia's beauty-or madness.

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    Pictorial |

    Monica Keith Lander

    What happens when you mix Norway and Brazil?

  • Centerfold |

    The Shannon Twins Playmate of the Month

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