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    Interview |

    Playboy Interview: Kane

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    Interview |

    Playboy Interview: Robert Redford

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    Interview |

    Robert Redford David Hochman

    A candid conversation with the iconic actor-director about why he likes fast cars, hybrids and Paul Newman and doesn't like George Bush or the press

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    Feature |

    The Passion Of Paul Wolfowitz James Rosen

    He was President of the World Bank and one of the most powerful men in Washington. But as he learned, when they're out to get you, they'll get you

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    Pictorial |

    The Bonds Girl Steve Pond

    A story of sex, drugs and baseball

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    Feature |

    The Sexual Male, Part Three: Sex On The Brain Chip Rowe

    In the latest in our series of reports on the science of male sexuality, we take measure of your most important sex organ and its ability to turn you on, turn off and turn you into a fool for love

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    20Q |

    Matt Leinart Jason Buhrmester

    The Cardinals QB hangs with Will Ferrell, watches sports Ashton Kutcher, talks trash with Anquan Boldin, shoots hoops with Nick Lachey, has a crush on Jennifer Anniston and still has time for football

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    Feature |

    Geniuses At Play Scott Alexander

    Game designers explain the laws of adrenaline and the science of fun

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    Pictorial |

    Playmate: Lindsay Wagner Stephen Wayda

    Nebraska knockout Marvelous Miss November has us on the ropes

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    Feature |

    Straight Talk Expressed Jeff Greenfield

    Fred Thompson and Jeff Greenfield examine how politicans talk-and why they so seldom speak the truth

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    Feature |

    The Iceman Cleans Up Lucas Shepard

    At home with Chuck Liddell, the UFC's biggest assest

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    Fiction |

    The Gunderson Prophecy Sam Lipsyte

    The end of the world just may be the greatest show on Earth, and a whacked-out tripster is first in line to be the MC

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    Pictorial |

    The Bunnines Are Back Arny Freytag

    New Fantasies-in the flesh and at your service

  • Centerfold |

    Lindsay Wagner Playmate of the Month

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