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    Playboy Interview: Jeremy Piven

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    Interview |

    Jeremy Piven David Rensin

    A candid conversation with Entourage's resident shark about how agents love him, why tabloids hate him, and what it's like to find stardom after 40

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    The Real Cost Of War Mark Boal

    Thousands of soldiers are plagued with serious battle-related mental problems. Why is the U.S. ignoring them?

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    Hot For Teacher Arny Freytag

    Erica Chevillar gives a lesson in physical education

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    The Year In Music 2007

    Viva rock and roll! For our annual look at who hit all the right notes, we talk with crunk revolutionary Lil Jon, country giants Brooks & Dunn?.

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    20Q |

    Mariah Carey Jason Buhrmester

    Our sexy cover girl with big voice reveals all about that tiff with Eminem, acting goofy on MTV, her wardrobe malfunction and why, at heart, she's really a prude.

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    Business Class

    You spend a third of your time asleep and a third of it having fun. Make that last third count

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    Playmate: Tyran Richard Stephen Wayda

    Dixie Chick Miss March is a Cajun Queen

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    Get Rich! Live Forever! Jonathan Black

    Can an exotic juice lead to Health and Wealth? Or is it just a direct-sales scam?

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    Zombie Dan J. Robert Lennon

    He lived. He died. He's back. Now he knows too much, and bringing out the monster in everyone

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    Playboy's 25 Sexiest Celebrities

    This much talent in one place? It could only be?

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    Tyran Richard Playmate of the Month

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